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ow is a parent to know if a website is safe for their children? When children are using the Kid Safe Browser, they will often ask their parent if they will add a certain website to thier access list. How is a parent to know if the website is appropriate or not? Do they go and look at it themselves? What if it is a pornographic site?

The Kid Safe Browser solves the problem. When a parent adds a website to the access list, it will be analyzed for content. If that website has pornography, explicit material, chat rooms, etc, the parents will be notified. Parents will also be warned if that website has a search engine bar that their children can use to freely roam the web. It is a wonderful tool for parents so that they can be comforted that their children access only what is safe.

The software has a more extensive analyzing capability than what is found here. However, if you would like to have a simpler analyzer online, this is the place.

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You may use this code for your own website if you wish. You can change the 'myURL' value to the name of your website.

Other than that, I ask that you do not change any of the code when copying it to your webpage. I trust your integrity. Here is the code.

*Remember to change 'myURL' to the name of your website (ie.

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